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Spanish Sandals in Tan

Take a quick minute to check our Tan Pons shoe collection, the fusion of comfort and style. Crafted for those who prioritize both ease and elegance, Pons shoes seamlessly blends fashion-forward design with comfort. The Tan hue adds a touch of timeless sophistication to your ensemble, making these leather sandals an enduring wardrobe staple.

Classic Anatomic Tan Avarcas

Pons Classic Anatomic Avarca Sandals in Tan

$ 109.00

Frailera Tan Avarcas

Pons Frailera Avarca Sandals in Tan

$ 95.00

Mediterranean Tan Avarcas

Pons Mediterranean Avarca Sandals in Tan

$ 115.00

Classic Style Strap Tan Avarcas

Pons Classic Style Strap Avarca Sandals in Tan

$ 105.00

Classic Espadrille Tan Avarcas

Pons Classic Espadrille Avarca Sandals in Tan

$ 105.00

Classic Style Women Tan Avarcas

Pons Classic Style Women Avarca Sandals in Tan

$ 95.00

Classic Platform Tan Avarcas

Pons Classic Platform Avarca Sandals in Tan

$ 109.00

Wedge Tan Avarcas

Pons Wedge Avarca Sandals in Tan

$ 99.00


Tan Pons, one of our neutral favorites year round.

Pons shoes in Tan are meticulously crafted to prioritize your comfort, ensuring each step is a pleasure. The soft, supple materials, sustainable leather and rubber, used in their construction provide a gentle embrace for your feet, allowing you to traverse your day with effortless ease. Whether you’re navigating city streets or strolling along the beach, Pons shoes make them the perfect companion for any occasion.

The Tan Pons, handcrafted elegance.

Neutrals rock!

The Tan color, a symbol of classic refinement, enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of Pons shoes. From casual outings to more polished affairs, these shoes effortlessly elevate your style while maintaining a commitment to comfort.

Hand crafted with sustainability and longevity in mind

PONS are handmade with care in on the Spanish island of Menorca where every detail is given utmost attention. Our shoes are made from ethically sourced leather and partially recycled rubber soles. We even offer vegan and eco-friendly sandals. Thank you for choosing to support artisans in their love for their shoemaking craft.


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