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Menorca, a Mediterranean Jewel

Menorca is the second largest island of the Balearic Islands, located in the Mediterranean. Menorca is a highly desirable place to visit for its picturesque landscape: turquoise waters and a charming countryside peppered with white stucco houses.

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Cala Mitjana in Menorca, where PONS Shoes are handcrafted

Cala Mitjana, one of Menorca's most beautiful beaches.

510 Classic Avarca Taupe, Tan, Sand

Avarcas—also known as abarcas and Menorquinas—are the traditional sandals of Menorca, Spain.

Ciutadella de Menorca, where PONS Avarcas are handmade since 1945

The old capital of Menorca, Ciutadella, has beautiful old streets and architecture.

Menorca is dry and hot in the summertime. The first avarcas were created over a century ago for farmers working its arid land. Crafted from all-natural leather and recycled tires, they were designed to keep farmers’ feet dry, comfortable, and protected. Pons Classic style most closely resembles these earliest avarcas. The eco-friendly style has a sole made exclusively from recycled tires. All Pons avarcas – for women, men, and children– pay homage to the authentic Menorcan avarca while serving as a go-to accessory to all those who love enduring style.

Crafted from all-natural leather and recycled tires, these sandals were designed to keep farmers' feet dry, comfortable, and protected.

Pons shoes are sustainable

Made since 1945 on the Spanish island of Menorca, Pons shoes are ethically made by hand with sustainability and longevity in mind. The raw materials are all sourced locally in Spain, including the rubber sole (the classic style features a sole made from 10% recycled tires) and the high-quality natural vecchio leather— which is sourced from ethically raised livestock. Available in 40+ different color ways, Pons are chrome dyed to strict EU REACH standards. The Pons workshop in Ciutadella (images below) is owned and operated by the third-generation of the Pons family and employs about a dozen local craftspeople, some who have spent their entire adult lives honing their shoemaking craft.

PONS shoes are handmade in Ciutadella, Menorca
Since 1945 the PONS family has been handcrafting menorcan sandals in their Menorca workshop
Artisan at work at the PONS shoes workhop in Menorca
Only high-quality natural leather sourced from ethically raised livestock is used at the PONS workshop
View of the PONS workshop
Artisan inspecting PONS shoes to make sure only the highest quality avarcas are delivered to you
Traditional tools used at the PONS workshop in Menorca
Craftsman working on a pair of PONS shoes
PONS Avarca being assembled by craftsman at workshop in Ciutadella, Menorca
Crafstwoman working on glitter avarcas at the PONS workshop

PONS Menorcan sandals are hand made in the workshop in Ciutadella

Avarca de Menorca Logo

Look always for the Avarca de Menorca Logo.

Nowadays, due to its popularity, some manufacturers have come up with many fake imitations that are far from the authentic, artisan and top quality measures and materials used in the genuine avarcas.

Avarca de Menorca Logo

Pons shoes and the "Avarca de Menorca" logo

The local goverment (Consell Insular) and the Shoemaker Association of Menorca (Associació de fabricants del Calçat de Menorca), in order to protect the traditional avarcas handcrafted in the island, have developed the sign "Product of Menorca" that ensures the highest quality standards and the authenticity of the avarcas sandal while preserving and protecting the artisans and tradition of the island.

The Pons brand

AvarcasUSA exclusively features original Pons Avarcas, a family owned business located in Ciutadella and specialized in artisan Menorcan avarcas since 1945.

The current manufacturers are the third generation of the Pons family that have proudly continued the family tradition. Pons avarcas are well known for being handcrafted in workshops where every last detail is given the utmost attention: from the raw materials, sourced 100% from Spain, used to their design and finishing, to achieve a product of the highest quality.

Watch the video below to see how Pons are handcrafted:

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Pons, The Authentic Avarcas Since 1945

Pons, a fashionable updated version of the spanish sandal, combine craftsmanship with the latest technology, along with top quality natural soft leather, to guarantee maximum quality and style. Pons avarcas are handcrafted by the 3rd generation of the Pons family in Menorca, since 1945 with the highest quality materials.

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Pons Shoes
Pons shoes are handcrafted with the highest quality materials in Menorca, Spain. Pons are ethically made by hand with sustainability and longevity in mind.
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