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Spanish Leather Sandals

Spanish leather sandals handmade by the Pons family. These shoes speak to the craftsmanship and history of traditional Avarcas Menorquinas that it is inspired by. Comfortable for all day wearing while looking stylish.

Classic Anatomic Black

Pons Classic Anatomic Avarca Sandals in Black

BlackBrownFrench BlueSandTanTaupe

$ 109.00

Mediterranean Berry

Pons Mediterranean Avarca Sandals in Berry

BerryBlackBrownChocolateCoralFrench BlueGrayLavaMustardOliveOrangeRedTanTaupeWhite

$ 115.00

Classic Style Strap Berry

Pons Classic Style Strap Avarca Sandals in Berry

BerryBlackBrownChocolateCoralForest GreenFrench BlueGrayLavaMustardOliveRedRoyal BlueSaffronSandTanTaupeWhite

$ 105.00

Classic Espadrille Black

Pons Classic Espadrille Avarca Sandals in Black

BlackBrownFrench BlueSandTanTaupeWhite

$ 105.00

Classic Style Women Aqua Blue

Pons Classic Style Women Avarca Sandals in Aqua Blue

Aqua BlueBerryBlackBrownChocolateCoralForest GreenFrench BlueFuchsiaGrayLavaLight PinkLilacMustardOliveOrangePeachPistachioPurpleRedRoyal BlueSaffronSageSandTanTaupeVioletWhite

$ 95.00

Classic Platform Black

Pons Classic Platform Avarca Sandals in Black

BlackBrownFrench BlueMustardOliveSandTanTaupe

$ 109.00

Here at, we want to be the doorway to a world where Spanish leather sandals become more than accessories, embodying the spirit of artisanal craftsmanship and sustainable fashion.

Whether it’s vintage denim, summer dresses or linen shorts, these timeless sandals are the perfect shoe to slip on and head out for a day of adventure. The Pons Avarcas are a beautiful shoe that truly show the quality of the natural leather as each pair showcases its perfectly imperfect beauty.

With a lightweight rubber sole, these Spanish sandals handmade on the island of Menorca are a fashion quintessential beyond the Mediterranean.

Pons Shoes, born on the charming island of Menorca, are spanish leather sandals made by Menorcan artisans and speak the language of timeless elegance. With each step you take in Pons shoes, you’ll feel the soft embrace of leather sandals that carry the legacy of artisan shoemaking.

Low maintenance for that laidback life

Comfortable for an all day adventure. Pons shoes are the perfect leather sandals if your plans for the day require you to be on the go while looking stylish at the same time. The Pons brand weaves a sustainable story, employing locally sourced materials and traditional techniques to craft Spanish leather sandals with a footprint as light as a breeze.

Hand crafted with sustainability and longevity in mind

PONS are handmade with care in on the Spanish island of Menorca where every detail is given utmost attention. Our shoes are made from ethically sourced leather and partially recycled rubber soles. We even offer vegan and eco-friendly sandals. Thank you for choosing to support artisans in their love for their shoemaking craft.

Pons, the authentic Spanish Leather Sandals from Menorca

Pons Shoes isn’t just a brand; it’s a staple for everyday wardrobes. The Espadrille Avarca Pons, Fraileras Pons, and Anatomic Pons – each collection tells a story of authenticity, travel, and a commitment to timeless elegance, all wrapped in the gentle embrace of soft leather sandals. As this journey continues, Pons Shoes remains a trusted companion, guiding wearers through the realms of handmade wonders and sustainable dreams, one step at a time.


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