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New Stoneware Ceramics from Tonalá, México

We’re very excited for our newest addition to our Noelia’s Mercado. Just on time for your summer alfresco get togethers, Makario’s stoneware ceramics from Tonalá, México are here!

Tasseta NA Mercado


$ 22.00

Tassa NA Mercado


$ 32.00

Plat NA Mercado


$ 35.00


Stoneware ceramics from Tonalá, Mexico, crafted by artisan studio Makario, embody knowledge, innovation, design, and passion.

Combining contemporary aesthetics with traditional techniques, Makario preserves Mexico’s rich heritage. Each piece is 100% handmade using local clay and mineral-based pigments. Modern design lines merge with artisanal materials, finishes, and forms.

The ceramics are fired at high temperatures, resulting in products that are remarkably resistant and durable compared to similar items. This meticulous process ensures that Makario’s creations not only showcase beautiful designs but also offer lasting quality, reflecting both cultural significance and artistic dedication.

Aesthetics and Functionality

The diverse design lines of Makario honor the maxim of artisan Jorge Wilmot, where ceramics are one of the oldest and yet most modern arts. Combining aesthetics and functionality in each piece results in highly durable products with organic textures, thanks to meticulous material selection and production processes. Embracing continuous improvement, Makario thrives on ideas, hard work, and collaborations.

Tijuana, Tecate, Tonalá

Our high-temperature ceramics originate from Tijuana and Tecate, where passion for the craft culminates in Tonalá, Jalisco.

Makario Studio

The lifestyle, knowledge, materials, family traditions, and techniques of this region are at the heart of Makario’s craftsmanship, reflecting a rich artisanal heritage.


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